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Independent Home recently installed a walk in tub for our customer Howard M. in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Check out his story and why it is a good idea to add a walk in tub with hydrotherapy to your New Jersey home.


Before the installation process began, we had a pre-installation meeting with Howard. This meeting allowed us to figure out what type of tub would best fit Howard’s needs, the best location, and what type of finish to add. At the meeting we learned that Howard suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder that causes widespread muscular pain and fatigue. He wanted to replace his shower and upgrade to something that could help with his pain and provide safety. It was decided that our celebrity walk in bathtub model would work best.


The celebrity was the perfect model for Howard’s New Jersey home because of its hydrotherapy features. What is hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help decrease physical discomfort and joint pain. The tub provides both whirlpool and air jets, giving Howard the ability to enjoy a deep soaking massage. The jets work in a greater range of motion which help increase circulation. With a circulation increase, Howard’s fibromyalgia pain will decrease.


Howard also wanted a walk in tub that was safe. The celebrity walk in bathtub has an anti-slip floor to prevent a slip and fall, it has a 17” seat, and a low threshold for easy in and out access.


The installation only took a couple of days to complete which included taking out the old shower, installing the plumbing, connecting the water and building the shelf area around the tub.


Howard could not be happier with his new walk in tub. He loves that he doesn’t have to worry about falling and he can reduce his muscle pain.


Before and After of Howard’s Celebrity Walk In Tub

Before Walk In Tub - Cherry Hill NJ


After Walk In Tubs - Cherry Hill NJ


Do you have fibromyalgia and looking for a way to reduce the pain? Add a walk in tub with hydrotherapy to your New Jersey home today. Call us at (732) 490-7856.