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Our walk in tub installation experts at Independent Home provide our customers with great quality and craftsmanship. Check out their installation process that was recently done for our customer Carol L. in Morristown.

Pre-Installation Meeting
Our installation experts like to begin the process begins with a pre-installation meeting. At the meeting they find out what type of tub the customer wants, where the best location would be, and what type of finish the customer wants.

The experts decided that our celebrity walk in tub model would be the best fit for Carol. The celebrity was the best fit because of its simplicity and safety. It is able to easily replace and fit into the existing bathtub, it has a non-slip floor, a 17” seat, and a low threshold for safe entering and exiting.

Carol also decided to add hydrotherapy features to her tub to help with her joint pain. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help reduce the pain. All that Carol has to do is turn on the jets and enjoy a warm, deep soak. The jets move in a greater range of motion causing Carol’s circulation to increase. Increased circulation helps reduce joint pain and rehabilitates the muscles.

Once the experts found the tub that would work best for Carol, they then began to prepare for the installation. Preparation included taking out her old tub along with the foundation, disconnecting the old fixtures, and disconnecting the old plumbing.

Once the preparation period was finished, the installation could begin. Installation included our experts bringing in the new tub, leveling the legs, and making sure that there weren’t any leaks.

Our experts finished the installation process by building a wall surround. They made sure to maintain the existing tile with both the wall and floor for a clean, polished look.

Customer Update

Carol is absolutely loving her walk in tub and has told us that she is never moving out of her home.

Contact Independent Home today for a professional and quality walk in tub installation.

Carol's quality installed walk in tub

Carol’s quality installed walk in tub