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Did you know that relaxing in a bathtub can decrease your muscle and joint pain? The process is called hydrotherapy and can be found in most New Jersey walk in bathtubs. Hydrotherapy has many benefits to make you feel good as new.


Arthritis is a common development as we get older. A benefit of hydrotherapy is that is able to help reduce arthritis pain. How? Simply by enjoying a relaxing soak in the warm water. The warm water increases your blood flow and reduces joint inflammation, which both help reduce arthritis pain.


Jets are what gives hydrotherapy a jumpstart. The jets massage your body by moving in a greater range of motion. The range of motion and direction that the jets move will help your circulation increase. With stronger circulation, your body will begin to rehabilitate and reduce those aches and pains.


Hydrotherapy helps strengthen your immune system. The jets that were mentioned above, circulate your white blood cells. As they circulate, they tell the immune system to work faster. When the immune system works at a quick speed, the germs are kept away. The blood circulation also helps take away the day’s stress. As the blood flows, tension is released.


Hydrotherapy is something that everyone can benefit from. Start enjoying the benefits today with a NJ walk in bathtub.