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Jersey City Walk in Tubs

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A walk in tub by Independent Home is ideal for those who have limited mobility. They have easy in and out access along with grab bars to make bathing a more simple and enjoyable process. A walk in tub can also help with eliminating joint pain as well with its massage features.

Independent Home has affordable and fair prices for their customers along with a variety of models to choose from. The Celebrity Walk in Bathtub can easily fit into the space of your old bath or shower. Other features it offers are an anti-slip floor and seat, hand held shower head, and high walls in the tub to allow you to enjoy a deep soak. You also have the option to add a hydrotherapy spa to get the full relaxation experience. The Royal Walk in Bathtub has a power seat that can be lowered and raised for easy in and out access. Other features is a full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, temperature maintainer, and a handheld shower head.

Installing a walk in tub does not have to be difficult process. Independent Home can handle the installation process for you. Our process starts with throwing away your old shower or bath and then installing the proper plumbing for your new walk in tub. We then will install grab bars. This process is all 100% lifetime guaranteed.

Walk in tubs by Independent Home will give you back some of your independence. Contact us today to add one to your Jersey City home today!