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Independent Home helps individuals as well as couples maintain their independence by offering walk-in bathtubs. Our experts recently completed an installation for Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Jersey City, New Jersey. Learn how their tub installation process was completed and the many benefits of a walk in tub from Independent Home.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s installation began with meeting our experts for a pre-installation meeting. This meeting consisted of discussing what type of tub would work best for the couple, the best location, and what type of finish Mr. and Mrs. Brown would like to add. The couple was looking for a tub that could replace their garden tub. The features that they were looking for were safety and something that was simple to get in and out of. The celebrity walk in bathtub model was the winner for Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

The celebrity was the best choice for Mr. and Mrs. Brown because it’s simple but has every feature that they were looking for. For safety, the tub has a non-slip floor and a 17” non-slip seat. Their main concern was finding a tub that was easy to get in and out of. The celebrity has a low threshold instead of a high edge to climb over.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown both suffer from arthritis and were hoping to find a tub that could help manage the pain. The celebrity has the option to add hydrotherapy, which the couple had decided to add. Hydrotherapy is the use of water used to reduce joint and arthritis pain. The way it works is the jets move in a greater range of motion. As the jets move, Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s circulation will increase. With increased circulation Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s muscles are able to rehabilitate.

The installation only took one day to complete and the tub was able to be retrofitted to pair with their existing shower. The installation included taking out the couple’s old garden tub, bringing in the new tub making sure each leg was level, connecting the plumbing, and making sure that no leaks would occur. Our experts also replaced their 40 hot water gallon heater with a 50 gallon. The final step of the installation was to build the finish. Our experts made sure to maintain the existing tile.

The Brown’s love their new walk in tub. They feel safe and have been able to go out more as their arthritis pain is more manageable with the hydrotherapy.

If you relate to the Brown’s and are looking for a walk in tub that can keep you safe and reduce joint pain, contact Independent Home today.

New Jersey Walk In Tub

Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s newly installed walk in tub