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New Jersey is a great place to call home. It has beautiful beaches, is close to New York City and Philadelphia, has fresh produce, and you don’t have to pump your own gas. However, as you get older your New Jersey home may become too dangerous to live in. By adding these home improvements to your home, you will be able to enjoy your NJ home as long as you’d like.

The most common house hold injury is a slip and fall. This is especially common for the elderly.  To avoid tripping in your New Jersey home you should remove and avoid putting in throw rugs. They bundle up easily, causing a hazard. Electrical wires should also be taped down or put in underneath the rug. Also, try and avoid using waxing products when cleaning floors to avoid super slippery conditions.

A part of getting older may include your eye sight getting worse especially in the dark. To create a safe environment extra lighting should be added. Set up a lighted path or install censored lights. This will eliminate running into dark shadows, missing a step on the stair ,or tripping on left out items.

If stairs have become difficult due to limited mobility, you may think that you have to move to a smaller home. You can stay in your New Jersey home by either adding an elevator or stair lift. Not only do they allow you to access every floor but it can help transport laundry, groceries, and other house hold items.

Another great home improvement to consider for your New Jersey home would to install a walk in tub. A walk in tub provides a safe bathing experience with a low threshold for easy in and out access, safety grab bars, a non-slip floor, and comfortable seat. It also includes hydrotherapy features that will help eliminate joint and arthritis pain.

These home improvements will create a safe living environment and allow you to stay in your wonderful New Jersey home. Start planning today.