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Our installation experts at Independent Home just completed a walk in tub installation for our customer Edward of Haddonfield. Find out why he decided to go with Independent Home along with how the installation was completed.

Edward began shopping around for walk in tubs about a month ago. He was looking for a tub that was not only safe but could help with his arthritis. He received quotes from a few different companies but in the end decided on Independent Home. We were chosen because our salesmen were not pushy and were patient with answering all of Edward’s questions. A pre-installation meeting was then scheduled.

The pre-installation meeting involved our installation experts and, of course, Edward. The meeting consisted of discussing what tub would be best for Edward’s needs, where the best location would be, and what type of finish should be added. Edward and our experts decided to go with our celebrity walk in tub with hydrotherapy model.

The celebrity was the best choice for Edward because it had all of the requirements he was looking for. It met his safety requirements with a non-slip floor, an ADA compliant seat, and a low threshold for an easy entrance and exit. The tub’s hydrotherapy features will be able to reduce Edward’s arthritis pain. All he has to do is turn on the jets and relax. The way that the jets move will increase his circulation which will help his muscles and joints rehabilitate.

The entire installation process only took a couple of days to complete. This consisted of removing Edward’s old tub and foundation, bringing in the new tub, leveling the legs, connecting the water, and testing for leaks. The last step of the installation was building the finish with a simple tile wall surround that Edward had requested.

Edward loves his new tub. The hydrotherapy features have decreased his arthritis pain, allowing him to get out more. He is also content that he chose Independent Home for the job as we are typically 20-30% more affordable than our competitors and offer a higher quality product. Contact us today.

Walk In Tub New Jersey

Edward’s celebrity walk in tub with hydrotherapy