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Clifton Walk in Tubs

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Walk in bathtubs by Independent Home can help relieve your joint and arthritis pain. How does a tub have the ability to help take away pain? Walk in tubs have massage and jet options and when you soak for a certain amount of time the pain starts to release. Add a tub to your Clifton home today and start taking away your pain.

Independent Home has fair prices for our customers along with a variety of models to choose from. The Cube Walk in Bathtub is perfect for small areas. Other great features of this tub are the full hydrotherapy spa with 16 jets, anti-slip floor and seat, and a temperature control maintainer to keep the temperature just the way you like it. For those that don’t like walk in tubs, there is a shower. The Freedom Shower features a grip free floor, built in seat, and easy to use shower head.

Walk in bathtubs are not hard to install, as Independent Home will handle the whole process for you. The installation process includes putting in the proper plumbing, installing safety grab bars, and throwing away your old tub. Our process is 100% lifetime guaranteed.

Start living a pain free lifestyle by adding a walk in tub to your Clifton, NJ home today. Contact Independent Home!