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Independent Home recently installed a walk in tub for our customer Rich T. of Clifton, New Jersey. Learn how our walk in tub installation process is completed and how a walk in tub can help reduce your joint pain.

Every walk in tub installation begins with a pre-installation meeting. This allows for our experts to get to know the customer and figure out a tub model that would best fit their needs. It also allows our experts to identify the best location for the tub. The pre-installation meeting is also when our customer decides on the type of finish they would like to add.

While getting to know Rich, our experts learned that he underwent knee surgery a few years ago and he was unable to get into his old tub easily. He was looking for a walk in tub that was simple to get into and could help reduce the knee pain he still gets occasionally. Our celebrity walk in bathtub was the perfect model for him.

The celebrity is perfect because it has everything Rich was looking for. It has a low threshold that provides a simple entrance and exit. Rich doesn’t have to worry about climbing over a high edge and putting unwanted pressure on his bad knee.

To help manage his knee pain, Rich decided to add hydrotherapy features to the tub. For the hydrotherapy to work all Rich has to do is relax. The jets do the rest of the work by moving in a greater range of motion. Their movement helps increases Rich’s circulation. Increased circulation will allow Rich’s muscles to rehabilitate and make his knee pain more manageable.

The installation of Rich’s walk in tub only took one day to complete. The process included removing Rich’s old tub and foundation, placing the new tub in its ideal location, leveling each leg, connecting the plumbing, and, of course, making sure that no leaks would occur. The final step in the walk in tub installation process is building a clean finish.

Rich is completely satisfied with his new walk in tub. He is able to do the activities he loves again now that his knee pain is manageable. Rich is so happy with the installation that he recommended Independent Home to his sister in California. She has an installation date set for the end of the month.

If you are looking for a tub to help manage your joint or arthritis pain, contact Independent Home today.

New Jersey Walk In Tub After 2015

Rich showing off his new walk in tub