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Independent Home just completed a walk in tub installation for Diane K. in Brick Township. Learn about our walk in tub installation process and how adding a tub to your New Jersey home can benefit you.

The walk in tub installation starts with a pre-installation meeting. The meeting includes deciding on a tub that would best work for the customer, the best location, and the type of finish the customer would like. At Diane’s meeting our installation experts decided that our celebrity walk in tub would work best for her.

The celebrity was the best choice for Diane because her main priority was to purchase a walk in tub that was safe. The celebrity has an anti-slip floor, an ADA compliant seat, and a low threshold entry. This model also has a P-shaped door to allow Diane to have more leg room and also keeps her from bumping knees.

After the pre-installation meeting it was then time to move into the preparation process. The preparation included taking out Diane’s old tub including the foundation, putting in the proper plumbing, and disconnecting the fixtures. Our installation experts also had to find a power source that would be close to the new tub.

Next came the installation, which only took a couple of days to complete. The experts brought in Diane’s new walk in tub and placed it in the location that was discussed at the pre-installation meeting. The legs were leveled, the water was connected, and the tub was tested to make sure that there was not any leaks. The installation experts then built the wall surround to complete the installation.

Diane could not be more content with her walk in tub. She has become more confident in bathing independently and not worried about a slip and fall. Diane was also happy with Independent Home’s professionalism and dedication and would happily  recommend us to her friends.

If you are looking for a safer bathing experience contact Independent Home today.

New Jersey Walk in Tub

Diane’s newly installed walk in tub