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The bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in your home, but it is also one of the more dangerous rooms as well.  Slippery tile floors, standing water, sharp corners, and high bathtub sides can all lead to serious injury if not dealt with properly.  Accessible bathrooms are possible.  If you are concerned about bathroom safety, there are several smart changes you can consider to make your New Jersey bathroom more accessible.

Add a Walk In Tub – NJ walk in tubs are built with quality and safety in mind.  Their main goal is to alleviate the danger of stepping over the side of the tub to enter it.  If you struggle with balance and stability, trying to step into the tub can be extremely dangerous.  A walk in tub is equipped with a water tight seal on the door, and an extremely low lip for easy access.  Independent Home walk in tubs also come with standard grab bars as well as slip resistant floors and seats to help make entering and exiting the tub easier.

Add Grab Bars on Bathroom Walls – Grab bars are an inexpensive way to add safety in the bathroom.  Grab bars are most effective around the toilet and in areas where water may be present and slipping is more of an issue.  You can have as many or as few as you deem necessary.  Many attractive options are available on the market so you can match your bathroom décor.

Add a No Lip Shower – If you are more of a fan of showers than baths, a no lip shower may be perfect for you.  No lip showers have an extremely low lip to ensure entering and exiting the tub is a breeze.  They can also come with shower seats or wheelchair accessible accessories for added convenience.

Add Seating To Your Bathroom – If mobility is an issue for you, added seating may help you complete your daily tasks.  Seating can be added in the shower or tub, and it can also be added where you get ready in the morning.  This can alleviate issues with falling and make utilizing your bathroom space more convenient.

Add No Slip Coating to the Floors – No slip clear coat for your floors is available to help you avoid the hazards of slipping and falling in the bathroom.  This coating is clear and relatively inexpensive.  It will help you remain balanced and will alleviate some of the slipping hazards in your bathroom.

Don’t fear your bathroom.  With a few small changes you will love your bathroom even more, and you will feel safe and secure using it.  Everybody’s mobility needs are different, so consider your own challenges or the challenges of your loved ones to help you decide which changes are right for you.  Accessible bathrooms are possible with the help of Independent Home of New Jersey.  A safer bathroom will make it possible for you to enjoy your New Jersey home for many years to come.